Becoming more energy efficient isn’t just for those of us who want to save the environment. Being energy efficient can really help your wallet; when you cut back on how much energy you use, you save money.

There are many steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.  Even if you only implement two or three of these changes you will be saving energy, money, and the environment too.

1. Clean air filters often

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Your A/C can’t run at its top efficiency if dust is in its way. Clean out filters to cool your apartment rental in Mebane with less energy. As a resident at Alexander Pointe you may always request a new air filter, this will preserve the the HVAC unit as well as save you some money!

2.  Turn your A/C to low when you leave

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Your Mebane NC apartment rental doesn’t need to stay ice cold if no one is home to enjoy it. Turn your A/C down around 75-78 before leaving.

3. Close unused air vents

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What’s the point in cooling unused rooms? Go ahead and close the vents in rooms you don’t frequent and only open them on a need basis.

4. Open or shut window treatments

If you want to warm your rental apartment in Mebane NC, let the sun help by opening window treatments. If you want to stay cool, keep those curtains shut tight.

5. Choose energy efficient bulbs

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Spend the extra pennies at the hardware store for CFL bulbs instead of halogen bulbs for your Mebane rental. Also register online with Duke Energy to have free bulbs sent to your door!

6. Use toaster ovens instead of large ovens for reheating

There’s no need to preheat a big oven if you’re only reheating something or cooking something that could fit in your toaster oven.

7. Use cold water for washing clothes

The temperature of your water as you wash your clothes isn’t really going to matter. Cold water cleans just as well as hot water in your washer. Only use hot water to wash when you have a stain that requires hot water to remove.

Image result for using a washing machine

8. Don’t over dry clothes

Dryers can contribute lots to your Mebane North Carolina apartment’s energy costs. Try not to over dry your clothing in the dryer. It’s bad for your clothes and bad for your energy bill.

9. Use power strips

Power strips allow you to turn on and off your items plugged into your outlets so that they don’t use unnecessary energy.

For more information on keeping your Mebane apartment rentals energy efficient, visit this website.

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