Organize Your Bedroom Closet With These 10 Tips


Clothes scattered across the floor and piled in stacks on a chair, shoes jumbled at the bottom of your closet, hangers in disarray, drawers stuffed full, and accessories hidden from view. Having a hard time choosing an outfit in the morning? Can’t ever find what you are looking for?



These are all signs you are in need of a bedroom closet re-organization! We are sharing bedroom closet organization ideas with 10 tips to tidy your clothes closet. Tackle this mess and solve your bedroom closet woes!
Purge – This is the first step to organizing anything!


Assess the contents of your closet and start editing. If you haven’t worn it in 8 months, it is probably time for it to go. If it’s an item you only wear seasonally, start a tote box of this clothing and store it under the bed or elsewhere.


Color coordinate – Group like items. 7f859d2cab5a932f49b4418b1ee6dc24

Put all your dresses together for example, and then sort them by color going light to dark. This is a super simple way to organize your bedroom closet that will make choosing outfits so much easier.

Implement easy to use bedroom closet organizers – Invest in organizers.
After grouping and sorting think about the best way to store clothing items. Buy bins, hooks, shelves, shoe caddies, etc. to organize all the contents of your closet.

At Alexander Pointe our closets have shelving of all shapes and sizes!

downloadIt is important to use organizers that will make things accessible and easy to put away.

Put your accessories on display – Don’t hide these beauties away.
Create an accessory station either on a bedroom closet door or shelf or perhaps pull these items out to a dresser or vanity. Showcase jewelry, handbags, scarves, and belts so they are easy to find.DSC_9236

Give shoes their own nook – Protect your shoe investments by keeping them organized.

When planning bedroom closet organizers don’t forget about your shoes. There are tons of options for organizing shoes from shelving units to hanging caddies. Pick an option that works for you and use it. Otherwise shoes will become disfigured and worn out quicker.SUM_16_10009502_Shoe_Bin_R050516

Use drawer dividers – Keep drawers organized with dividers.
Dividers will help you make a place for everything inside your dresser drawers. You can buy expandable ones or get crafty and DIY your own.
Designate a basket for dry cleaning – Reduce laundry piles.

Your dry clean clothes are probably your most expensive and fragile. When they are soiled, put them in their own basket to take to the dry cleaners.

Use sturdy, quality hangers – Forget those cheap flimsy hangers.
Invest in quality hangers that will prevent clothing from slipping off or becoming stretched out at the shoulders.
Make it pretty – Merchandise your closet.


Think about how boutiques merchandise their clothing. Copy some of their techniques to make your closet look pretty and inviting. Choose bedroom closet organizers in attractive patterns and fun colors for added pizzazz.
Give your closet love regularly – It needs maintenance!download (1)

The thing about bedroom closets is that they need attention regularly. Think about your closet like your car and tune it up from time to time. Consistently use your new organization system, and don’t be afraid to change something if it doesn’t work for you.


These 10 bedroom closet organization ideas will help you tidy up your closet in no time. Choosing outfits in the morning will be easier, your clothing will be less disheveled, and you will readily know where that favorite blouse is stored!

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by Katherine Medlin

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