Gardening Without a Garden. 6 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony!!

Creating your own personal garden will help you grow vegetables, herbs or even and flowers!

Backyard gardening is becoming increasingly popular these days and there are numerous reasons for it, high cost of fresh produce and questions about the safety of the produce in many grocery stores are just a few of them.

For whatever your reasons that you are considering your own backyard garden there are a number factors you need to think about before you dive in.


No matter how large or small you balcony or porch or windowsill, you can have a garden. Her tutorial on creating a planted pallet is inspiring and simple.

1. Find a Pallet. Most likely you’ll find one behind a supermarket near the dumpsters so it’s FREE!
2. Prepare the Pallet. Repair any loose boards and add landscape fabric to the back so you dont damage the wall that the pallet will rest against.
3. Pick Your Plants. Cascading plants like the nasturtiums she has on the top level will make it feel full and vibrant. This would also be an excellent place to have a vertical herb garden planted with thyme and basil and rosemary.
4. Enjoy Spring.

In aprilie scoatem florile la aerisit in gradina – Vedem aici idei de suporturi pentru ele Aprilie este luna in care scoatem florile la aerisit, amenajand pentru ele diferite locuri in gradina – Vedem aici idei de suporturi

Build a Vertical Wood Slat Vegetable Garden Project

Repurpose a behind the door storage rack to save space with vertical gardening//urban gardening...I really want to grow all of my own herbs

Make A Wall Mounted Spice Rack From Canning Jars

Having fresh herbs in the kitchen is a good idea, especially if your garden space is small. That said, many folks don’t really have a place to keep such a thing. Even small pots can clutter countertops and you might not have the table space elsewhere in the house to spare.


Planted my two-tier triangle planter.Two-Tier Planter Update

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