Things to do in Mebane NC

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Mebane, just as its catch phrase suggests, Mebane is Positively charming! Between historical downtown, the the quaint little shops and the gorgeous 5 mile green way, Mebane has everything a community needs!

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Downtown Mebane is full of little shops to poke around. Each shop has its own story and adorable little atmosphere! One could easily spend an afternoon getting lost in Downtown Mebane


Mebane has come together in so many ways to remind visitors and Mebanites to shop local!


Some of the most popular shops in downtown Mebane are,


Quirks, a fantastically interesting shop that offers eclectic items.

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Their mission:

We are the “outpost of the odd” that encourages wonder, fascination, and individuality in a mass-market world by procuring and offering “weird stuff you want” to the population whose needs are not met by mega-marts.

The Curious Peddler

The Curious Peddler is a delightful place to shop with its rooms of new, vintage and antique furniture, art, silver, crystal, books, jewelry, gifts, and more. Built in the 1920’s, the store itself is a work of art, and with the amazing, ever changing displays, you don’t want to miss anything!

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The Elegant Relic

Our focus is the re purposing and recycling of previously loved antique and vintage furnishings, and custom made tables from reclaimed wood. We have proudly operated our boutique in Downtown Mebane since 2003.


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